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My wife, Thilini, started her own blog called “Through Dust” to serve as an outlet and medium for her inspirations and heart yearnings.  Myself, I’m currently in the process of launching a new blog from the perspective of a Christian insurance agent/broker/consultant/adviser–whatever term works best for you (agent for a brokerage firm).  That should help me get back into writing, and hopefully also serve to provide some perspective from a different angle on all that’s happening in American health care.

Until then, check out my wife’s recent post on this new, exciting blog that I’m happy to get behind–


Appreciating the Intricately Extraordinary

Thanks to Nephele Tempest for posting a link, I just saw a blog that shows a woman who took an incredible amount of time to express her thanks for the local Libraries in her home of Scotland. She is known as the Library Phantom for her anonymity in presenting different locations with her innovative sculptures. This definitely deserves a look.

It’s simply amazing the creativity that may ensue from an individual, especially given her passion for reading and vivid imagination. It’s simply amazing how the human mind behaves and functions, and how the deep affections of some cause even the smallest detail of a thing to be noticed and valued. What is particularly telling of these sculptures is how they relate to her appreciations of the existent libraries.

Upon looking at them, I was reminded of the influence my grandmother had on me growing up, in regard to fine arts and the imagination. Everything at her home drew upon some artsy inspiration or Continue reading