Welcome to the Unapologetic Apologist blog.  These posts are primarily in article format and consist of various topics that are, hopefully, relevant to the post-modern person.  Since my worldview isunapologetically Christian, the lens through which I respond in each post would become evident as you read.  I truly hope you enjoy these posts as I enjoy writing them!

Christianity still has yet to see the Kingdom community that Jesus originally had intended.  American Christianity is certainly not the “end all” for what Christian faith ought to convey, and the critiques thereof ought to be listened to heartily.  I called this blog “Unapologetic Apologist” because the message of Jesus is so utterly compelling that all other truth-claims simply fall at His feet.  I am compelled myself to understand that truth to such an extent, that statements and arguments made against Him must be adequately answered.  I must unapologetically express His truth in every possible form–philosophy, science, theology, politics, history.  I am no superhero, nor think of myself as “the” apologist, but I’m simply one of many who in this generation and era seek to participate in the greater conversations.  Everything is written from a post-modern apologetic perspective.  Therefore, only few articles will have arguments made with the air of Modernity or classical approaches to “proving” God’s existence.

I am married to a beautiful and intelligent woman along with being a father to a hilariously brilliant son, I find myself unworthy to have been blessed with all that I am placed in.  Having a B.S. in Cross-Cultural Ministry, I am currently working on a M.A. in Christian Leadership.  Anytime I spend even the remotest amount of time with the Creator, I find myself filled with new understandings of the world.  Many people who I have crossed paths with inspire me, and certain writers are major influences in how I think.  Ironically, I’ve realized that the deeper in understanding Jesus takes me, the less certain I truly am–in other words, I become more confident in God’s revelation than my own rationalizations.  However, God’s truth is both harmonious and beautiful, and much of Christianity’s problem today is based on poor theology that arrogantly claims certainty in many areas with which we ought to be much more humble.

I was raised in the South Bay of the Greater Los Angeles Area, lived in Columbia, MO for four years while going to college, and I am now in Austin, TX.  My family and I attend Celebration Church and we love our church!  Our aim as a family is to live missionally wherever we are planted.

His and Yours,

Christopher Cate

In case you would like to send me a direct message, feel free to email me @ unapologeticapologist@yahoo.com


9 responses to “About

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Looking at your own blog, it seems you could be teaching me quite a few things. My wife, being from Sri Lanka, and I foresee ourselves ministering in either Sri Lanka or India in the future. I would love to get into discussions with you over topics we both find relevant and convicting.

  1. Thank you for opening your thoughts in your blog. As a teacher of the word to children and adults in my church, I find that I am weak in the area of apologetics. I had always wished I had been able to take a course of that while in grad school! But I hope to learn from you as I read. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for coming over and commenting. It’s awesome knowing you’ll be reading more as they get posted/written. I truly do believe that the world wants the truth, and the only source is the Creator of it–for He has revealed it through His creation, but more importantly through His Son.

  2. Christopher,
    Sorry for posting this as a comment, but I didn’t know how to reach you otherwise.

    It’s Elizabeth Marks from ThinkOnIt Bible Devotions. I just want to inform you that our blog is moving to its own server. This means we have a new URL.
    Old Location: http://thinkonitdevotions.wordpress.com/
    New location: http://thinkonitdevotions.wordpress.com/
    As a loyal follower, I wanted to ensure you visit our new site and follow us from there.
    Hope to see you comment on the new site. Thanks for your continued follow.
    In His Grace,
    Elizabeth Marks
    Founder, ThinkOnIt Bible Ministries

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