New App

So, I’m trying out the WordPress app for iPhone. It seems handy when I’m not at home and I have a thought to work out. I’m actually at church right now waiting for the service to start–Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX (@celebrationchurchtx).


6 responses to “New App

  1. I have that App. Really good for starting a draft of a post or responding to comments. You can also catch up on reading posts of people you follow or just new posts on the bus/train etc. Great idea. I love Apps!

    • Yeah, it’s great for the simple uses. Of course, you can’t go into the comment folders, and you have to be careful since the posts to edit are in format, but it is a workable and practical app. Thanks for coming over!

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  3. Not really pertaining to the main theme of your blog, so sorry for that… But I wanted to share that I attend Celebration too! Yay! I just started attending a few years ago and really love it there. It has really helped me grow.

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