8th Grader Insight – Part 2


About a week and a half ago I posted 8th Grader Insight – Part 1, and here is some more.  The students were funnier last year, but this is the best of what I gathered 😉

– “Have you ever done something really dumb?  Well, I have!”

– “Being married at the age of 16 is not smart, but my parents were in stupid love, and so I came.”

– “How do people who are fully blind go places without seeing where they’re going?  How do they cross streets without getting hit by cars?  I will have blind people reading in no time.”

– “A picture doesn’t have the memories in them, but they remind you of memories.”

– “When I turn 23 I will build a free hospital.”

– “Man, it would be great to have a store for teenagers that was not too innocent, but not too crazy.

– “I’ve always felt that my abilities as an owner would be increased if I could be told by my pets what they need.”

– “He was like a dwarf among midgets.” (don’t ask)

– “Candy–Oh, that wonderful sweet joy of sugar-coated hyperactiveness.”

– “If you see an old lady on the sidewalk and she’s falling down, you should go over and help her.”

– “In fifth grade there was this kid who wasn’t quite right.  He had  problems in his head.”

– “It costs a lot of money for tickets to get on the plane and get back on the plane.”

…and, my favorite…

– “The famous formula of E=MC2 was what made Einstein popular during his time.  And with that formula he set the stage for nuclear warfare that won the war for America.”


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