8th Grader Insight – Part 1

Well it is not great, but here is one of the c...

Right now I’m a part of a project that assesses various writing by 8th graders.  Their insight is interesting to see.  This is just a short list of what caught my attention, but I’ll have much more written next week for Part 2.

– “Today, there are books for all students and pencils for all students too.”

– “We might as well get used to younger kids now and how to handle them.”

– “Have you heard of designer drugs?  They’re almost as bad as methamphetamines.”

– “Most kids are just lazy and have parents that will let them live at home until they’re 25.”

– “Sleeping till noon and going to sleep at 3 am is what I call awesome.”

– “Being tired in class is a huge distraction.  If you are too busy thinking about how tired you are, you’ll learn almost nothing.  The students who aren’t distracted will be asleep anyway.”

– “Young teenagers get very bored, so they try to find something to do.  They may go to parties which means it would lead up to getting into drugs.  Drinking happens a lot–could even cause death, it just depends.”

– “The way the life cycle is it’s like school.  Say, if a bird dies, the next day another one is reborn into the life cycle.  And when a day of school is over, another one starts again.”

– “Most of these young people need jobs so that they won’t be out in the streets or dying at a young age.”

That’s all for now.  Look forward to a longer batch next week!


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